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Modern Orthodox Thoughts

Lecture Two
"Mysticism and Modern Orthodoxy. Is there any place for mysticism as well as rationalism within modern Orthodoxy?"
  • Menachem Kellner: "Maimonides' Confrontation with Mysticism" (Littman, 2006)
  • Marc Shapiro, "The Limits of Orthodox Theology" (Littman, 2004). The lecture referred to chapter 5, but the whole book is fascinating.
  • Alan Brill's article is Chapter 4 of "Jewish Spirituality and Divine Law", edited by Adam Mintz and Lawrence Schiffman (Yeshiva University Press, 2005).

Bibliography of the Main Books and Articles

All books should be available in the LSJS library, Albert Road, NW4. For those who like buying books, items should be available to purchase or order at any good Jewish booksellers or online internet book site.

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