Board members and volunteers

This comprises of men and women who have an interest in being involved with the running of the Shul. Members are elected annually, and anyone within the community is eligible to stand if they have been a member for more than 12 months. The Board meets 4 times per year and acts as the eyes and ears of the community. The synagogue AGM is held typically in May.

The Executive Team of Hampstead Synagogue (May 2017)

Co-chairs: Michael Helfgott and Adrienne Powell

Financial Representative: Madeleine Abramson

Warden: Michael Selby

Members of the Board of Management (May 2017)

Robert Brenner

Charles Delroy

Gabriel Herman

Beverley Ostrin

Amanda Ruback

Malcolm Ziff

Representatives on the Board of Deputies

Jerry Lewis

Amanda Ruback


Nina Geller

Marguerite Brodtman

Office volunteers

Jenny Ziff