Teenagers play a big role at Hampstead and are valued members of the community – stewarding, davening, leining, delivering sedra summaries, or helping with social action, events, plays, parties and children’s services.

We also run Lads and Dads Tefillin Breakfasts approximately once a month in school term time. This is an opportunity for boys who have celebrated their Bar Mitzvah with us in the last two or three years to come to Shul with their fathers on a Sunday morning (not too early!), lay tefillin, and enjoy bagels and croissants after the shacharit service.

Come get involved and help make Hampstead your shul – contact the office to help with:

  • Shabbat Morning Discussions
  • Helping out at the local Food Bank
  • Evening Discussion Groups
  • Helping us with social media or filming events
  • Or anything else that you think the shul should be doing!