Fancy Dress and Hamantaschen at Hampstead Purim Festivities!

Last night we saw the shul buzz with joy as we celebrated Purim as a community. It felt like a pre COVID celebration with members participating in a community reading, a woman’s megillah reading, and even a sell out Young professional service!  It was wonderful to be back in person compared to last year’s Zoom celebration.  The women’s megillah reading sadly had a few last minute changes in those leyning due to Covid but we are so grateful to the participants who took on extra verses at short notice.  It was wonderful to see such a diverse group of people attend and take part from the youngest in his baby sling to those who have a few more years experience.

Women's Reading

Women’s reading with support for Ukraine!

The party continued with Hamantaschen, food and drinks and a costume parade including pizza chefs, very imaginative couple dress as Toast Master, breakfast club, Cleopatra and alien so we have to shout out a big congratulations to those who won prizes for great fancy dress.

In addition to the main party, Hampstead Shul put on quite a show for Young Professionals. A clear but pacey Megillah reading was called at 8:30pm for those returning back late from work. This was followed by a bubbly (pre-)drinks and hamantaschen reception before the crowd headed over to the Heads + Tails bar. Here they enjoyed exclusive use of the facilities with a specially crafted cocktails menu, and pumping Purim playlist.

Young Professionals Party