Interfaith and Camden Liaison

March 2021

This year I have attended several Zoom meetings organised by Camden Council and the GLA – all relative to interfaith matters.

Concern has been expressed to ensure the vaccine for Covid is taken up by everybody whatever their faith. Camden is anxious that places of worship are open as temporary vaccination centres. Camden is keen to ensure that places of worship are open but must participate in accordance with the Covid rules. Emphasis has been put on social distancing and those over the age of 70 who are vulnerable should not mix.

At a CST Webinar I was shown inflammatory videos and told that the threat to the Jewish community remains high: I passed this information to our security team. I participated in a meeting on how to counter the Far Right. We were given shocking examples of how they operate. We should be aware that both the NF and BNP are active in the area. Camden Council have facilities available for Family Training in the event of problems arising from children being influenced by the Far Right.

Camden also reminds us that we must support the vulnerable. I know our Welfare Team has been working tirelessly supporting many members in our community. Bereavement support was also stressed as being important and I believe Hampstead does this without prompting.

Tony Ostrin
Interfaith & Camden Liaison Representative