Interfaith and Camden Liaison

July 2021

During the last few months, I have participated in many webinars and meetings relating to various aspects of Interfaith.

These have been mainly presented by the Camden Council Faith Leaders’ Forum and Prevent Advisory Group with spin-offs to other organisations such as Hate UK.

The main issues discussed have related to Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia and how to eliminate these difficulties from our lives.  We have discussed educating children in their schools as well as arranging interfaith events for our more mature members of society.  Camden Council has leaflets available to be placed in public places such as our community centre.  

We have considered that the powers of the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) to prosecute in appropriate cases are inadequate and these should be strengthened. We should be aware of what we read in the social media.  It has been emphasised that we must take care to distinguish ‘hate speech’ from ‘freedom of speech’.  Any suspicion of Anti-Semitism should be reported immediately. I can help in this regard if you speak to me. 

Camden Council appreciates that the current Covid-19 pandemic has affected many citizens and the Council; has strong mental health support available.

A more recent danger is cyber crime in respect of which all communities should be aware.  

We have also discussed women’s safety and how this can be improved. More recently I attended a Metropolitan police presentation of “INCEL” which enables the police to profile those that come to their attention.

Issues relating to our security I have passed to our security team and those relating to health have been passed to our health representative.


Tony Ostrin

Interfaith and Camden Liaison Representative.