Interfaith and Camden Liaison


Over the past year I have attended a number of meetings organised by Camden Council and the United Synagogue.  The emphasis has recently been on refugees, children, schools and young persons.  Following the 7th October 2023 atrocities Camden has been extremely supportive being keen on solidarity in the community; Its policy has been a balanced approach.  Members of Camden Council have attended our services giving us reassurance in these difficult times.  The local police have also been equally supportive.

Below are some of the events I have attended.

A Reception for Interfaith leaders to meet the Mayor, was held in the Mayor’s Parlour at the Town Hall

An Act of Remembrance at Whitestone Pond War Memorial, reading: A Prayer for the World by Rabbi Harold S. Kushner.

A tree planting in Kilburn Park.

Camden’s Mayor,  Councillor Nazma Rahman attended our AJAX service in shul where she laid a wreath on behalf of Camden Council.

Councillor Rahman attended Mitzvah Day. In February she gave a kiddush talk.

With the help of our security team, we arranged for a visit from the Metropolitan police to speak to the members on Shabbat.

Camden Council Community Leaders at JW3, where I was joined by several members of the community.

The Interfaith Network Committee decided that meetings should take place by rotation at the locations of the members.  We have held a meeting in the Eli Chinn hall.  We showed them the shul explaining aspects of Judaism.

A Zoom meeting arranged by the United Synagogue for Interfaith Leaders set up by the Chief Rabbi, who chaired the meeting.

I also attended, as your liaison officer an emergency planning meeting set by Camden Council and on the 18th April I attended “We Make Camden Summit 2024.

Any relevant information that arises from these meetings I pass to the appropriate representatives in our community.

I would like to thank Hampstead Synagogue for appointing me to represent the community for several years on interfaith matters.  I believe being a part of Camden Council’s Interfaith Network has strengthened our relationship with Camden Council, the local police and the wider community in general.  I have gained valuable knowledge and made new friends.

I now retire and wish my successors all the best.

Tony Ostrin

Interfaith and Camden Council Liaison Representative.