Interfaith Report

September 2020

As Hampstead Synagogue’s interfaith representative, I have recently participated in three online meetings, all in association with Camden Council. Most of the discussions have revolved around the re-opening of faith buildings; Hampstead synagogue, being a part of the United Synagogue, has been following the US comprehensive guidelines. There is concern that if the number of infections in Camden increases there could be a local lockdown which could affect some of our members. We also discussed how to acknowledge the difficulties encountered by families who have lost close relatives due to the virus.

Conspiracy theories, terrorism and radicalisation issues were also discussed. A group to be known as ‘Prevent’, in conjunction with Camden Council, has been established to deal with hate crime and I have been invited to take part in a meeting later this month.

The advice given to all faith representative has been: –

  • That our members who reside in Camden are fully prepared for a local lockdown in our area should this become necessary.
  • The representatives at these meetings have been asked to pass to the London Virus Response Team information relating to any member of our community residing in Camden who has been tested positive for Covid-19.
  • We must always be alert to any type of hate crime.
  • Camden Council are anxious to give all faith communities, including our own, full support as and when this is needed.

Tony Ostrin
Synagogue Interfaith Representative