Interfaith Report

Interfaith Report from Tony Ostrin – 13th November 2019

In September I attended the ‘Places of Worship Security Awareness and Advice Session at City Hall. The CST has acquired the role of advising all faiths as well as ours on security. Two members of CST spoke to an audience representing many faiths on the precautions that should be put in place to make sure their communities are safe. Two of the main points were, making sure buildings were secure, awareness and being alert.

On Monday 11 th November Beverley and I, representing Hampstead Synagogue, attended an Interfaith Service of Remembrance. Representatives from different faith communities read relevant poems about peace and remembering the fallen.. At 11.00am we observed the 2 minutes silence. The traffic was halted and in the silence, with heads bowed, we remembered those who had given their lives during times of war.