Interfaith Report

May 2020

I have participated in two recent on-line meetings of Camden Council Faith Leaders Forum: I was unable to attend the third meeting because of Pesach. Several issues have arisen most of which are of no concern to our community, but I was able to make observations to help the other faith communities.

Burials are an important potential issue because they must take place without delay. Historically there were problems subsequently resolved by the High Court. Because of the current virus there is additional pressure on the Coroners’ Service; we must keep a watchful eye to ensure that there is no repetition of the past difficulties. I am assured by all the London Boroughs represented that they share this concern. We are told that the London Assembly has a sub-group focusing on the needs of all faith communities. Additionally, they have Mortality Planning Faith Group upon which there is a Jewish representative. Concern has been expressed that communities have in place adequate bereavement support and community care; our Welfare Committee has all this in hand. An issue relating to whether communities have sufficient volunteers to help the vulnerable and I believe we have. Providing we all follow the national guidelines we should have no trouble. I confirmed that our employees are safe and our buildings are being inspected regularly.

Tony Ostrin
Interfaith Officer