Interfaith and Camden Liaison

INTERFAITH REPORT: 24th January 2022

In November 2021, Beverley and I attended a remembrance service at the Hampstead Memorial where we read psalm 121. I arranged for Sabrina Francis, Mayor of Camden to attend our synagogue on AJEX shabbat, when she placed a wreath of poppies by the ‘memorial to the fallen’ in the shul foyer.

The following day was Mitzvah Day which the mayor attended and joined our group of volunteers outside local supermarkets and visited the community centre where she spoke with more volunteers.

Later in November a group of students from Goodenough College visited the synagogue. Also, during November, we opened our community centre as a collection point for items to benefit Afghan refugees who were temporarily resident in the area.

More recently I joined a zoom meeting organised by the Mayor of London, presented by the CST. This primarily dealt with both our synagogue and the community in general. The emphasis at this meeting was we must be always fully aware. If we have any suspicion of unusual behaviour this must be reported to the police. Full details of this meeting have now been passed to our security team. The CST has offered to talk to our community. Any matters relating to public health have been passed to our health covid representative.

Tony Ostrin

Hampstead Synagogue

Interfaith Representative.