Interfaith and Camden Liaison

November 2020

I have recently attended virtual meetings of the Camden Council Faith Leaders’ Forum, The Camden Prevent Advisory Group and Interfaith and Security organised by the Greater London Authority.

An issue raised related to the Coroner’s service regarding delays to funerals; Rabbi Michael assures me that we have no problems. There have been discussions that flu vaccine should be available for everybody. London as a city emphasises that those over 60-years-of age are at risk from the virus and its complications long term. We also have discussed how Covid-19 is impacting on mental health.

Discussion on issues relating to social media companies indicate that action must be taken against the expression of extreme views.  

I was also invited to a seminar of The Anti-Semitism Policy Trust.  The key speaker was John Woodcock, UK special envoy for countering violent extremism. He made the point that Jeremy Corbyn did not stand up against anti-Semitism in his party. 

At another meeting it was felt that anti-Semitism breeds on ignorance and lack of education particularly in local schools; this is an issue that should be taken up by central government.

Camden organised a ‘Hate Crime Awareness Week’ but due to the Covid-19 it was not possible to have open meetings. At most of these meetings the issue of security relating to places of worship have been discussed and I pass those matters over to our security team.

Both Camden Council and the Greater London Authority will give help to anybody who may need it during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Tony Ostrin
Synagogue Interfaith Representative