Isaiah Berlin Lecture

Previous Isaiah Berlin Lectures given at the Hampstead Synagogue

2003   Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks – “The Politics of Freedom.”
2004   Lord Leon Brittan – “Europe: Past, Present and Future.”
2005   Sir Martin Gilbert – “Churchill and Parliamentary Democracy.”
2006   Nick Cohen – “What’s Left?: How Liberals Lost Their Way.”
2007   Trevor Phillips – “Keeping the Faith – Integration in 21st century Britain.”
2008  Baroness Helena Kennedy QC – “Law – the first pillar.”
2009   Efraim Halevy – “Diplomacy and intelligence in the Middle East: How and why are the two inexorably intertwined?”
2010   Archbishop of Canterbury Dr Rowan Williams – “Faith and Enlightenment: Friends or Foes?”
2011   Professor Vernon Bogdanor – “The Stop Marked Independence: Self-Determination and the Rights of Minorities.”
2012   Professor Simon Schama – “Egypt and Israel: Two Kinds of Home.”
2013   Lord Woolf – “Conflict or Co-existence? Interfaith Relations and the Rule of Law.”
2014   Professor Deborah Lipstadt – “Remembrance in the 21st Century: How will we remember when everyone who has something to remember is gone?”
2015   Sir Brian Leveson – “The balance between security and open justice.”
2016   Lord Daniel Finkelstein OBE – “Does history have an arrow? (And if it does where is it pointing?)”
2017   Ambassador Daniel Taub – “100 years on: Lessons from the Balfour Declaration.”

2018   Professor Margaret MacMillan – “A Century Later: Does the Great War Matter in the Present?”

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