Tikkun Leil Shavuot at Shomrei Hadath

Shavuot 2017

Join us for a joint Tikkun Leil at Shomrei Hadath, 64 Burrard Rd, London NW6 1DD




This Shavuot do something a little bit different. Based on the Talmud in Ketubot 103b we will engage in a learning style that Rav Chiya maintains saved Torah from being forgotten!

Doors open: Tuesday 30th May at 11.45pm
12.00am Introduction by R’ Moshe Mayerfeld
12.10am “What’s in a name!?” Chag Shavuot, Chag Ha’asif, Zman Matan Torahtainu

  • Rebbetzen Liat Mayerfeld
  • Lionel Davis
  • R’ Moshe Mayerfeld

12.45am Cheesecake and Ice Cream Break
1.00am Session #2 “Learning, teaching, sharing – taking ownership of the material” Session run by everyone!
1.45am Coffee break (maybe more cheesecake!)
2.00am Session #3
R’ Dr Michael Harris “What is the right motivation for Mitzvot?”
2.45am break
3.00am Early Shacharit