Women play an active role in the community at Hampstead Synagogue.

Some of the activities women are involved in include:

  • Serving on the executive committee and  board of management and advising on the future direction and growth of the synagogue
  • Acting as a Board of Deputies representative
  • Running sub committees or focus groups
  • Acting as the US Women Liaison representative
  • Facilitating community events such as consultation forums on redevelopment
  • Leading community education sessions
  • Setting up new programmes either of learning or social cultural activities such as a book group,  women’s shiur, running events on mindfulness and well being
  • Helping with social action projects as part of team of men and women of all ages
  • Editing synagogue communications
  • Writing press releases and helping to edit the synagogue magazine

In the synagogue service women regularly:

  • Present a sedra summary before the leyning
  • Recite kaddish as part of mourning and for yahrzeit
  • Give a short talk at a regular pre Kiddush speaker series

A group of women leyn Megillah Esther every year and we always welcome new people joining us so if anyone is interested please contact the Shul office and we will put you in touch with our co-ordinator.  We are a group of women with all levels of experience and do this as a community.

We are open to all ideas that you may have for adding to our community so please feel free to seek out any of the executive committee at synagogue events or email the Community Manager.  We are also happy to provide support if you want to give a sedra summary or say kaddish.