Shavuot 2019/5779

Shabbat 8th June – Erev Shavuot

8.45pm  Shabbat Mincha
9.15pm  Shiur by Rabbi Harris
10.00pm  Ma’ariv
10.20pm  Shabbat ends and Yom Tov begins

Light Yom Tov candles after 10.20pm from an existing flame

Saturday Night 8th June
Annual Joint Hampstead and Shomrei Tikkun Leyl Shavuot

Light Dinner
11pm (approx) at Shomrei Hadath, 64 Burrard Road, London NW6 1DD

Tikkun Leyl (all-night study session)
11.45pm Rabbi Shmuli Sagal:
Rabbinic Authority-Authoritarian or Authoritative?

1.00am Rabbi Moshe Friedman:
Am I My Brother’s Seat Keeper? A Talmudic Discussion

2.15am Rabbi Dr Michael Harris:
What is Halachic Truth? Reflections on Bava Metzia 59b

3.30am Early Morning Shacharit

Sunday 9th June, First Day Shavuot

9.15am  Shacharit Service
10.15am  Women’s Hallel in the lower hall, community centre
8.30pm  Mincha and Ma’ariv Services

Monday 10th June, Second Day Shavuot

9.15am  Shacharit Service including Yizkor (Memorial) Service
9.00pm  Mincha Service
10.22pm  Ma’ariv Service and Yom Tov ends