• Hampstead’s First Women’s Megillah Reading

    Hampstead women had great fun leyning megillah Esther last night.  We all worked very hard and now admire all our male colleagues who read from the Torah and Haftorah.  We are very grateful to Dina Brawer who helped organise this… read more

  • BBC Radio 4 – Woman’s Hour: Purity

    Dina Brawer, Hampstead Synagogue’s Scholar in Residence, recently contributed to BBC radio’s Late Night Woman’s Hour with presenter Lauren Laverne and guests to discuss the topic of purity. Click here to listen to the broadcast.  … read more

  • Sushi Making Course for 20s-30s

    25 people attended a sushi course for young professionals at the home of Josh and Yocheved Zaitschek. The evening was a chance to learn the art of sushi making as well as a great social event to meet new people… read more

  • Amanda Ruback – 3 years as Board of Deputies Representative

    Amanda Bowman/Ruback gave a fascinating pre kiddush talk on 25th April 2014 about the Board of Deputies and her three years as a Hampstead Synagogue representative. Here is a summary of her presentation. About the Board of Deputies The Board… read more

  • Hampstead JLGB

    By Sam Gerson Hampstead JLGB has re-launched at the Hampstead Synagogue this March! Building on last year’s amazing activities, trips and experiences for our members, we’re back with a jam packed programme for 2015! What is JLGB? JLGB is the… read more

  • Mindfulness at Hampstead Synagogue

    On Sunday 14th September, BBC Woman’s Hour Producer Lucinda Montefiore spoke at a Hampstead Synagogue brunch exploring the subject of mindfulness. The talk was called ‘Change the way you think, feel and act.’  Lucinda, who is from North London and… read more

  • Sandra Berzon talks about her artwork

    Sandra Berzon gave a pre kiddush talk about her career as an artist and shared the stories behind some of her paintings. She created a tempoary exhibition and gave us a wonderful insight into the inspiration to some of her… read more

  • Dancing for Israel

    Emily Theodore, Member of Hampstead synagogue I was fifteen and convinced I was meant to be a boy. When my mother told me that she had enrolled me in an Israeli folk dance performing group, in which I would begin… read more

  • Jews of Cuba

    David Simmons, Hampstead Synagogue Member The first recorded Jew in Cuba is generally reported to be Luis de Torres in 1492 who arrived there with Columbus. He did not survive the indigenous Indians for long.  However, between the 1500s and… read more

  • Looking back to the future

    Interview with Gabriel Herman How did you become involved with the archive? I have always been interested in the history of the Hampstead Synagogue. When the synagogue was being refurbished a few years ago thousands of items were deposited on… read more

  • The Unorthodox Beginnings of Hampstead Synagogue

    Hampstead Synagogue’s history is fascinating and unique. The archives of the shul are currently in the safe hands of the London Metropolitan Archive, being restored to their former glory. This has been done with the intention to preserve as well… read more

  • Say it with flowers

    By Sandra Conway, Member of Hampstead I became a florist almost by accident.  After I left school I decided to take a year off before going to university so I worked for my father.  He had a factory manufacturing ladies’… read more

  • Ki Teitsei

    “A mamzer shall not enter the congregation of the Lord, even to the tenth generation…” (Deuteronomy 23:3). The term mamzer has no precise English equivalent. Hertz in his translation of the Chumash renders it “bastard”, but clarifies in his commentary… read more